NW Nerd

These are the stories that make us nerds

NW Nerd is a podcast with feature stories on geeky interests, as well as talk on current and past issues within fandom and pop culture. 

NW Nerd is a podcast covering all things nerd in the Pacific Northwest. Every two weeks, Nick Jarin and Dyer Oxley present a feature story that dives into a topic of geek culture. Also, they provide talk about pop culture, news, and interviews. 

Nick Jarin lives in Seattle, Washington with his girlfriend and two dogs. He first realized he was a nerd when he willingly sought out an encyclopedia about the X-Men to read.

Dyer Oxley is a journalist who has lived throughout the Northwest. He first realized he was a nerd when the most exciting thing in his life was that he got a new bottle of typewriter oil for his cherished Smith-Corona ... there were probably other signs before that, too.