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Episode 34 - History and hype of the Seattle Freeze

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What is the big deal with the Seattle Freeze? Some say it's real and others are offended you brought it up. Are Seattleites really unwelcoming? Is it really that hard to make friends in the Emerald City? 

Also, a look at the top gadgets from CES, a splashy introduction to Netflix’s Altered Carbon, and some exciting Black Panther headlines. Nick pays off the quiz bet from the last magazine episode by giving his reaction to the show "Supernatural." Finally, can Dyer pass his first quiz on the podcast? 

3:25 -- Consumer Electronics Show
8:30 -- Altered Carbon
15:00 -- Black Panther
20:30 -- Feature: The Seattle Freeze
42:50 -- Quiz: Mr. Freeze quotes
52:00 -- Payoff: Nick on Supernatural

Episode 33 - Achievements in Nerd 2017

Nick Jarin and Dyer Oxley look back on 2017 by shining a light on some of the year's best Achievements in Nerd. They celebrate the moments, stories, and people who made 2017 a marvelous march into the future that won't be eclipsed for ages. Did we miss anything? Let us know on our Facebook (NW NERD Podcast) and Twitter (@nw_nerd).

BONUS - Best of Season 1 Features

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In a special episode, we present some of our most popular feature stories from Season 1. First, Dyer goes inside the Pacific Northwest pinball boom (1:00). Second, we investigate the rise and spread of the term "fake geek girl" (12:40). Finally, we address diversity in Hollywood casting after a string of high profile failures like Ghost in the Shell (29:40).

Episode 32 - 'The Last Jedi' round table with Corey Lewis

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Comic book artist/writer/creator Corey Lewis (Sun Bakery, Sharknife) joins NW NERD to discuss the good, bad, and ugly of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” What does it mean for the franchise as a whole and how will it rate out of the podcast’s N-E-R-D system?  

Corey also talks about his latest work, and why he moved from Seattle to Bremerton, which he has dubbed the Pawnee of Washington (which means there’s also an Eagleton nearby).

Episode 31: The Rainbow Squadron -- The Hoot Hoots make a Star Wars EP

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With only a few months to do it, Seattle band The Hoot Hoots decided to take on a mission: write and record an EP as a tribute to Star Wars -- titled The Rainbow Squadron -- while also organizing a Star Wars themed laser show to debut it. The EP would have to be recorded before "The Last Jedi" was released into theaters. One week before their deadline, they hit the stage at the Seattle Laser Dome. This is their story. 

Also, an interview with comic book artist Chrissie Zullo. She discusses her unique entry into the industry and what she learned from it. Zullo also explains one quirky obsession that she holds. 

3:40 -- Wolverine podcast
12:40 -- Batman makes kids work hard
20:00 -- Tarantino Star Trek
29:30 -- Feature: The Hoot Hoots
45:20 -- Quiz: Star Wars-themed music
1:02:00 -- Payoff: Dyer on Cinema Sins
1:11:00 -- Interview: Artist Chrissie Zullo

Episode 29 - The nerdiest place in Vancouver BC

NW NERD Episode 29.jpg

If you can travel beyond Fairhaven and the Bellingham, match wits with border guards under the Peace Arch, then avoid supernatural Ladner among the Delta, you will come to a watering hole that is Vancouver BC's nerdiest spot. A special travel edition of NW NERD for geeks south of the border. We visit The Storm Crow Tavern to try a Romulan Ale and roll some dice. 

Also, Seattle's Anglicon is set to celebrate British fandom with Doctor Who celebrities. Abie Ekenezar with the convention explains how it is going the extra mile this year. It took a massive kickstarter campaign, and now fans will be able to travel in an interactive TARDIS ... and more. 

3:00 -- Net Neutrality
18:30 -- Chadwick Boseman on his Wakandan accent
27:30 -- Marvel exhibit at MoPOP
33:45 -- Feature: Nerdiest place in Vancouver
48:00 -- Payoff: Dyer on Attack on Titan
56:00 -- Quiz: Real fictional drink or fake fictional drink?
1:07:45 -- Interview: Abie Ekenezar with Anglicon

Episode 28 - 'Justice League' Round Table

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Amid uneven reviews and an uphill battle from the poor reception of its other films, did DC pull off "Justice League?"

For answers we turn to Justice League fanatics. Matt started his comics collection because he fell in love with the Justice League of America book. Jordan used to work at comic book shops before joining the tech sector. They share an intimate knowledge of the JL, so they joined super friends Nick and Dyer for a review of the long-gestating film. How does this team-up stack up to Marvel's? Why is Wonder Woman shot in a completely different way than in her standalone movie? Are the heroes trying to be too funny? And where is the line between directors Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon?

Episode 27 - Northwest Nerdlesque

Vancouver BC's Geekenders perform Star Wars burlesque. (Courtesy of the Geekenders)

Vancouver BC's Geekenders perform Star Wars burlesque. (Courtesy of the Geekenders)

It's a mature form of theatre that is experiencing a revival and immense popularity in the northwest -- nerdlesque: burlesque for nerds. Shows like "The Burl-X-Files" to "Star Wars: A Nude Hope" are selling out minutes from when tickets go on sale. What is behind this trend? And is there more to it than the Hollywood-style striptease the genre has been known for? Nerdlesque performers -- Jo Jo Stiletto and Kitty Glitter -- provide some answers.   

3:45 -- Gal Gadot takes a stand
10:50 -- DC Comics editor Eddie Berganza ousted
19:30 -- Navigating complicit media
26:30 -- Brian Michael Bendis moves to DC Comics
31:20 -- Amazon eyes Lord of the Rings deal
35:00 -- Quiz: Tolkien or Martin?
52:00 -- Feature: Nerdlesque
1:08:30 -- Interview: Daniel Way

Episode 26 - How do we deal with toxic Twitter, social media? (Round Table)


ROUND TABLE EPISODE: What do you do when you’re outraged every time you check your social media feed, but you just can’t stop yourself from looking anyway? How do we deal with toxic Twitter, ferocious Facebook, and social media that has grown to be less social and more sociopathic?

Nick and Dyer are joined by Genevieve Haas of After These Messages and the Grapes of Rad podcasts. The gang talks about some Twitter self-care and how social media platforms are designed to be habit forming, even addictive for their users.

Further reading: 

Episode 25 - A haunting in Madrona; George Romero interview

NW NERD 25.jpg

When director Dan Gildark's family moved into a new home in Seattle's Madrona neighborhood, they new it had a history. But the history they discovered kept them up at night. Rachel Belle (Your Last Meal with Rachel Belle podcast) helps tell a true ghost story just in time for the spooky holiday. 

Also, George Romero passed away earlier this year, but his legacy lives on. NW NERD resurrects an interview with the late zombie director. Romero talks with radio personality Frank Shiers and describes making his iconic film "Night of the Living Dead," how he accidentally invented a new type of zombie, and more.  

News bites
4:00 -- Stranger Things 2
13:15 -- Welcoming tech workers to Seattle (and Portland, and Vancouver B.C.)
23:40 -- Robo-citizen Sophia stirs controversy
32:30 -- Which would win: Shark vs. alligator
37:00 -- FEATURE: A Haunting in Madrona with Rachel Belle
48:45 -- INTERVIEW: George Romero and Frank Shiers

57:20 -- Ghost stories


Episode 23 - Searching for the 'real' Springfield


Urban legends linger throughout the Northwest where Simpsons creator Matt Groening grew up and went to college. Were pieces of Oregon included in the iconic show? What is history and what is folklore on this NW NERD feature. 

Also, an interview with actress Michelle Harrison from The Flash. She opens up about her Puyallup roots and reveals what she did to raise money for acting school. 

2:00 -- Space Race: Should pop culture inform what we name spaceships, moon bases? 
8:10 -- Twitter: Is it toxic or helpful? 
19:40 -- The New Mutants
25:45 -- Rick and Morty nugget sauce
31:00 -- Amazon HQ2 with a Dyer Prediction
37:30 -- FEATURE: The Real Springfield
1:00:30 -- INTERVIEW: Actress Michelle Harrison from The Flash

1:06:20 -- Nerd Alert: Geeky events coming up

Episode 21 - NERDS vs SPORTS

Cassius Marsh is not only a NFL player, but a major Magic: The Gathering enthusiast. 

Cassius Marsh is not only a NFL player, but a major Magic: The Gathering enthusiast. 

Seahawks (Patriots) Cassius Marsh suffered a car prowl and lost his most prized possession – a collection of Magic: The Gathering cards. But that is just the start of a story where nerds and sports collided. Is there really a difference between these two stereotypical groups? Featuring NFL player Cassius Marsh, Danny O’Neil with 710 ESPN Seattle, and Jim Demonakos (founder of Emerald City Comic Con).

3:00 -- Blade Runner shorts ahead of 2049
10:00 -- Reviewing Star Trek: Discovery
17:00 -- Showtime cryptocurrency mining

22:00 -- FEATURE: Sports vs. Nerds
44:40 -- An interview with Think Geek
48:15 -- Nerd Alert (geek events in the NW)

Minisode - The Cuts (Season 1)

Not everything Nick and Dyer records makes it into the NW NERD podcast. Sometimes there's an interview that doesn't get into an episode, or even just portions of an interview that didn't fit into a feature. Maybe even a bit that didn't quite work out. But they're still great to listen to. These are the cuts.

For better or for worse, these are a few such cuts from Season 1 of NW NERD.

00:00 Intro
2:43 A conversation with Grapes of Rad / Quantum Leap: A Look Bakula podcast about troubling media.
6:35 An interview with Costume Characters for Causes and how cosplay can do good work.
13:14 The failed Superman music quiz. Can you pass?
23:15 Chris Rowlands with Card Kingdom discusses how one change in Magic The Gathering's retail requirements led to the very popular Cafe Mox.
28:50 Chatting with the R2 Builders Club about what it takes to make these remote controlled Star Wars droids.
35:30 This quirky corner of Washington boasts a range of geeky wares at this Port Gamble shop, including a special Harry Potter room.