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NW Nerd is a podcast with feature stories on geeky interests, as well as talk on current and past issues within fandom and pop culture. 

Special: Live at ACE Comicon Seattle with After These Messages

LIVE_ At ACE Comicon.png

NW NERD joins Andrew Walsh and Genevieve Haas with After These Messages for a live podcast recording onstage at ACE Comicon in Seattle. The two podcasts combine forces to discuss the commercials that make us nerds, then Dyer tries to stump the other three on stage with a NW NERD style trivia quiz.

Featured commercials:

Geico / Marvel crossover

Spider-Man spaghetti

Shadow of War “Eat It Jerry”

Star Trek Hallmark

Star Trek MCI

Dungeons and Dragons

Spy Tech - The whistler

Spy Tech - The Stranger

Episode 330: The 30th anniversary of Quantum Leap

Quantum leap cover.png

Aaron Mason with KIRO Nights and the podcast The Leap Home: A Look Bakula chats with NW NERD about the iconic sci-fi show Quantum Leap 30 years after its first episode. The show ran from 1989 to 1993, and has left a lasting impression — some good, some not-so-good — on fandom.

Nick, Dyer, and Aaron talk about the show’s highlights, lowlights, and signature moments, including the time Sam leapt into a woman about to give birth, the time he helped the Civil Rights Movement, and much more. Finally, they discuss what episodes they’d like to see if Quantum Leap ever returned.