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NW Nerd is a podcast with feature stories on geeky interests, as well as talk on current and past issues within fandom and pop culture. 

Episode 7 - A Festivus For the Rest of Us / 2016 moments in nerd

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News including talking monkeys ... sort of. 

(6:50) The Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer has been released.  
(17:10) FEATURE: A hole in the wall in Portland where there is always a Festivus for the rest of us ... also, why Dyer is such a Scrooge and no one likes to celebrate Christmas around him. 
(26:10) Review Rogue One: A Star Wars Story -- with spoilers so skip ahead if so inclined.
(45:40) Awards for 2016's best Achievements in Nerd.

Featuring "Ice King Christmas Ninja Party" by Jonathan Mann.