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Episode 9 - Video games used as medicine, Batman's cousin, and the rise of AI

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From all our devices becoming "smart," to AI taking over our homes, and how UW researchers are using video games to treat mental illness. Oh, and also, Batman has a cousin now?!

1:30 All the wacky offerings from CES.
9:20 Growing pains introducing Alexa and Google to homes across America.
17:15 Why Batman has a cousin now.
25:50 Nintendo Switch’s launch its first titles -- are they a good idea? 
31:20 FEATURE: Researchers at the University of Washington are treating mental illness with video games. What could the implications be when using media like this?
44:50 The guys discuss their past with video games and how much they can affect us on a psychological level.
1:02:10 Nick gives Google Home a try. This is the result.

Music by  Kevin MacLeod.