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Episode 25 - A haunting in Madrona; George Romero interview

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When director Dan Gildark's family moved into a new home in Seattle's Madrona neighborhood, they new it had a history. But the history they discovered kept them up at night. Rachel Belle (Your Last Meal with Rachel Belle podcast) helps tell a true ghost story just in time for the spooky holiday. 

Also, George Romero passed away earlier this year, but his legacy lives on. NW NERD resurrects an interview with the late zombie director. Romero talks with radio personality Frank Shiers and describes making his iconic film "Night of the Living Dead," how he accidentally invented a new type of zombie, and more.  

News bites
4:00 -- Stranger Things 2
13:15 -- Welcoming tech workers to Seattle (and Portland, and Vancouver B.C.)
23:40 -- Robo-citizen Sophia stirs controversy
32:30 -- Which would win: Shark vs. alligator
37:00 -- FEATURE: A Haunting in Madrona with Rachel Belle
48:45 -- INTERVIEW: George Romero and Frank Shiers

57:20 -- Ghost stories