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Episode 31: The Rainbow Squadron -- The Hoot Hoots make a Star Wars EP

NW NERD ep 31 Rainbow Squadron.jpg

With only a few months to do it, Seattle band The Hoot Hoots decided to take on a mission: write and record an EP as a tribute to Star Wars -- titled The Rainbow Squadron -- while also organizing a Star Wars themed laser show to debut it. The EP would have to be recorded before "The Last Jedi" was released into theaters. One week before their deadline, they hit the stage at the Seattle Laser Dome. This is their story. 

Also, an interview with comic book artist Chrissie Zullo. She discusses her unique entry into the industry and what she learned from it. Zullo also explains one quirky obsession that she holds. 

3:40 -- Wolverine podcast
12:40 -- Batman makes kids work hard
20:00 -- Tarantino Star Trek
29:30 -- Feature: The Hoot Hoots
45:20 -- Quiz: Star Wars-themed music
1:02:00 -- Payoff: Dyer on Cinema Sins
1:11:00 -- Interview: Artist Chrissie Zullo