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Episode 11 - In Retrospect; 'Powerless' vs 'Legion'; and Kirby Krackle

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(1:15) NW NERD is throwing a March 4 after party and cosplay contest.

(4) Gamer spends a crazy amount of money to get a character … that he never received.
(11) Emerald City Comicon 2017 has an official beer. Nick loves it, but what is Dyer's problem?
(16) Romantic quiz: Which states use these dating apps the most? Nick tries to guess. Click here for answers after you take the quiz.

(23:40) In Retrospect: What do you do when you massively love a movie, TV show, comic book, video game or other media … but in retrospect, it’s a little offensive. Maybe it’s from another time, or just has a blind spot. How do you deal with problematic media when it contains racism, sexism, or other offensive content?

(39:50) “Powerless” and “Legion” have debuted. One, a sitcom about average people in a world of DC comics superheroes. And the other is about lesser-known characters in Marvel’s X-Men universe. How did they hold up at first glance?

(1:01:00) Kyle Stevens of the nerd rock band Kirby Krackle talks about writing songs about geek culture and discusses the upcoming Kracklefest – a nerd concert March 3 during the Emerald City Comicon.

Special thanks to Aaron Mason and Nick Ahlers with Grapes of Rad and the podcast Quantum Leap: A Look Bakula, Heather Finley, Jesus Areyano, Ireland Reid, Andrea Gilroy. Music by Kirby Krackle and Kevin MacLeod.