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Episode 14 - MoPop, Lauren Landa, and casting issues with "Ghost in the Shell"

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The Star Trek exhibit at Seattle's MoPop. (Dyer Oxley, NW NERD)

The Star Trek exhibit at Seattle's MoPop. (Dyer Oxley, NW NERD)

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The upcoming Justice League film finally has a trailer - and Dyer is upset. Also, proof that the Pacific Northwest is the pinball capital of the U.S., mostly thanks to this city. NW NERD special correspondent Cheri Trusler takes us behind the scenes at Seattle’s MoPOP and answers why they keep changing their name. Not to mention, some great coverage of the Star Trek exhibit in Seattle. Then Dyer sits down with voice actor Lauren Landa (Sailor Moon S, Attack on Titan, Seven Deadly Sins). And then another NW NERD quiz! Can Nick guess which Guardians of the Galaxy cast members chose these songs to create a mixtape for Empire Magazine. Finally, the guys get deep on the issue of casting (especially when it's problematic)  just ahead of "Ghost in the Shell" - criticized for its choice of actors to play Japanese roles. 

1:20 -- Justice League trailer
9:00 -- Portland pinball
13:00 -- GPS and your brain
17:20 -- Feature: MoPOP
20:50 -- Interview: Voice actor Lauren Landa
27:00 -- NW NERD Quiz: Guardians of the Galaxy mix tape (Read Empire for the answers)
40:30 -- Ghost in the Shell and Hollywood casting