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NW NERD: Episode 17 - Mermaids of the Northwest

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How can one word change our entire perception of the animal kingdom? Or at least our laws? NW NERD podcast talks anthropology in court. Also, how many Game of Thrones spinoffs can there possibly be? And the internet just got hit with a bevy of trailers that will continue to make 2017 the year of nerd films.

This week's feature is on the Northwest mermaid community and how diverse it is.

Also, the Seattle Bike Blog’s Tom Fucoloro explains how Seattle is about to see thousands of smart bikes loaded with tech rolling into town.

Finally, (spoiler warning) the guys review "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" (Did we mention spoilers?).

6:00 -- One word could change the law for chimpanzees
12:15 -- The three trailers creating a ton of buzz around fandom
23:00 -- Game of Thrones spinoffs
34:20 -- FEATURE: Dyer’s Deep Dive with Merfolk
52:20 -- REPORT: Seattle’s biking future with the Seattle Bike Blog
58:00 -- "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" review (with spoilers)

Presented by Game of Thrones obsessed Nick Jarin and Sean Gunn fan Dyer Oxley. Music by Kevin MacLeod.