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Episode 18 - Self-Driving cars are coming; so is Black Lightning

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An early self-driving car model from 2012, designed and tested by Google. (Travis Wise, Flickr)

Market-disruption expert Tony Seba (RethinkX) is predicting a self-driving car revolution will change how the world travels. He argues that people will give up owning cars to use driverless rideshare services instead. But the implications go far beyond the car market. How will the world change, and so soon?

Also, Star Trek provides a peek at its latest show; Google Assistant is taking on Siri; the failure of a doomsday failsafe; and the unlikely rise of Black Lightning. 

1:15 -- Star Trek Discovery
6:30 -- Orville
9:00 -- Google vs. Siri
14:15 -- Doomsday vault flooded
17:30 -- Black Lightning
25:00 -- Nerdy baby names on the rise
27:50 -- Goodbye to Powerless
33:00 -- Self-driving car revolution
56:20 -- Nerd Alert