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Episode 34 - History and hype of the Seattle Freeze

NW NERD EP 34.jpg

What is the big deal with the Seattle Freeze? Some say it's real and others are offended you brought it up. Are Seattleites really unwelcoming? Is it really that hard to make friends in the Emerald City? 

Also, a look at the top gadgets from CES, a splashy introduction to Netflix’s Altered Carbon, and some exciting Black Panther headlines. Nick pays off the quiz bet from the last magazine episode by giving his reaction to the show "Supernatural." Finally, can Dyer pass his first quiz on the podcast? 

3:25 -- Consumer Electronics Show
8:30 -- Altered Carbon
15:00 -- Black Panther
20:30 -- Feature: The Seattle Freeze
42:50 -- Quiz: Mr. Freeze quotes
52:00 -- Payoff: Nick on Supernatural