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Episode 36 - Oregon Trail and 'Black Panther' for a good cause

NW NERD Ep 36.png

Thousands of Americans were notified by Twitter that they interacted with a “Russian troll farm” – tweets designed to irate and an influence ahead of the 2016 election. Dyer … was one of them.

Also, Edwin Lindo talks about The Peoples Party and its GoFundMe campaign. The organization raised money to pay for special screenings of Black Panther for Seattle's black youth. 

Feature: The rise of the computer lab classic Oregon Trail. Nick gets quizzed on Northwest geography / history before paying off the last quiz bet (it involves Cowboy Bebop).

4:30 -- Cosplay contest announcement
6:00 -- Dyer and Russian Twitter
12:25 -- Interview: Black Panther GoFundMe
20:30 -- Feature: The obsession over Oregon Trail

40:00 -- Quiz: Oregon Trail history and geography
50:46 -- Payoff: Nick on Cowboy Bebop

Email Edwin Lindo at Edwin.lindo@gmail.com for more information about the Seattle Black Panther campaign.

Music by Kevin MacLeod