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NW Nerd is a podcast with feature stories on geeky interests, as well as talk on current and past issues within fandom and pop culture. 

Episode 38 - Dating while nerdy (geek relationship advice)

NW NERD EP 38.png


3:24 -- News: Game of Star War Thrones
14:15 -- News: WA vs ticket bots
20:59 -- The Updown: Legion returns
22:40 -- The Updown: Goku Sanchez
24:00 -- The Updown: Deadpool, Jessica Jones, Solo, Venom trailers
27:59 -- The Updown: Old Spice D&D
30:05 -- The Updown: Black Panther soundtrack
33:50 -- Feature: Dating in the Nerdy Northwest
51:09 -- Interview: SPD on cosplay

57:36 -- Radcon cosplay rules

NW NERD gathers a panel of perspectives on dating and relationships. Is it possible to date in a small cosplay community? How can you get a partner more involved in your comic con passion? And what's the deal with Seattle / Northwest men? Harris O'Malley (aka Dr. Nerdlove), Jay Edidin, and Stacy Rost with Single Living Seattle weigh in. 

News about Game of Thrones showrunners getting into the Star Wars franchise, just in time for the new "Solo" trailer -- what can be assumed after watching that. Also, Washington state's attorney general is suing an East Coast man who used bots to buy concert and sports tickets out from under locals.  

Special report: Nick and Dyer discuss a controversy at a Northwest convention after it changed its dress codes and costume standards. Why attendees were not happy with the way the new codes were presented, and why the convention felt the need to make the change in the first place.