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Episode 43: Women on Twitch / Wash. State Toy & Geek Fest

Twitch streamers Luna Lyrik and Tha Buttress. (Dyer Oxley, NW NERD Podcast)

Twitch streamers Luna Lyrik and Tha Buttress. (Dyer Oxley, NW NERD Podcast)

Old media. New media. Same old problem. Online streaming service Twitch has updated its community guidelines in response to issues of harassment and hate. Twitch streamers Luna Lyrik, Tha Buttress, and Tygarlily, and radio personality Colleen O'Brien discuss the experience of being women in media. 

Also, Steve James and Justin Hunt explain why their event, the Washington State Toy and Geek Fest, is different than the usual comicon.

Nick and Dyer also discuss the great Northwest cyrptocurrency secret; where Seattle's DOTA 2 tournament is moving to; and Washington's net neutrality law. And a special Superman quiz in honor of Action Comics 1000. 

3:30 -- Seattle loses Dota 2 tournament to Vancouver
6:15 -- Crypto-mining in Washington
11:50 -- Washington passes net neutrality law
15:20 -- News Warp: Luke Cage trailer
16:30 -- News Warp: Avengers: Infinity War
21:15 -- News Warp: Jon Favreau’s Star Wars
23:10 -- News Warp: Fantastic Beasts: The Dumbledore One
24:15 -- News Warp: The real Wakanda
27:45 -- Feature: Twitch
47:20 -- Quiz: Superman

1:01:15 -- Payoff: Star Trek: TNG
1:11:30 -- Interview: Washington State Toy & Geek Fest