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Episode 314: Bowling with Nicholas Brendon

Feature only: Why Nicholas Brendon goes bowling

From Buffy.png

Actor Nicholas Brendon garnered headlines as Xander in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Then again as he struggled with addiction, depression, and multiple arrests. Now, he goes bowling, raising awareness of depression and anxiety. The events foster a community of fans, supporting each other. But he also receives criticism. The actor discusses it all with NW NERD.

3:20 -- News: Game of Thrones teaser
13:45 -- News: Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer
22:45 -- News: Aquaman makes $1 billion
29:45 -- News: Mephisto
33:00 -- News: Nike goes back to the future
37:45 -- Feature: Bowling with Nicholas Brendon

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