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NW Nerd is a podcast with feature stories on geeky interests, as well as talk on current and past issues within fandom and pop culture. 

Episode 11 - In Retrospect; 'Powerless' vs 'Legion'; and Kirby Krackle

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(1:15) NW NERD is throwing a March 4 after party and cosplay contest.

(4) Gamer spends a crazy amount of money to get a character … that he never received.
(11) Emerald City Comicon 2017 has an official beer. Nick loves it, but what is Dyer's problem?
(16) Romantic quiz: Which states use these dating apps the most? Nick tries to guess. Click here for answers after you take the quiz.

(23:40) In Retrospect: What do you do when you massively love a movie, TV show, comic book, video game or other media … but in retrospect, it’s a little offensive. Maybe it’s from another time, or just has a blind spot. How do you deal with problematic media when it contains racism, sexism, or other offensive content?

(39:50) “Powerless” and “Legion” have debuted. One, a sitcom about average people in a world of DC comics superheroes. And the other is about lesser-known characters in Marvel’s X-Men universe. How did they hold up at first glance?

(1:01:00) Kyle Stevens of the nerd rock band Kirby Krackle talks about writing songs about geek culture and discusses the upcoming Kracklefest – a nerd concert March 3 during the Emerald City Comicon.

Special thanks to Aaron Mason and Nick Ahlers with Grapes of Rad and the podcast Quantum Leap: A Look Bakula, Heather Finley, Jesus Areyano, Ireland Reid, Andrea Gilroy. Music by Kirby Krackle and Kevin MacLeod.

Episode 10 - Where is Hollywood North? Pig men, tigers, wolves and Trump ...

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1:20 Big announcement!

3:20 The rise of pig men! And what it all means. 

10:10 Why Amazon is sold out of Orwell’s 1984.

18:20 How Full House predicted Donald Trump and explains the American political system.

35:45 FEATURE: The booming film industry in the Pacific Northwest and why Vancouver is called Hollywood North

50:00 Why Seattle has fallen behind other PNW cities when it comes to making movies.

52:00 Dyer reveals why he has an Oscar winner’s toilet paper.

1:00:00 NW NERD cinematic quiz! Which films have a Northwest connection. Play along at home!

1:07:00 Nerd Alert!

Music by  Kevin MacLeod.

Episode 9 - Video games used as medicine, Batman's cousin, and the rise of AI

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From all our devices becoming "smart," to AI taking over our homes, and how UW researchers are using video games to treat mental illness. Oh, and also, Batman has a cousin now?!

1:30 All the wacky offerings from CES.
9:20 Growing pains introducing Alexa and Google to homes across America.
17:15 Why Batman has a cousin now.
25:50 Nintendo Switch’s launch its first titles -- are they a good idea? 
31:20 FEATURE: Researchers at the University of Washington are treating mental illness with video games. What could the implications be when using media like this?
44:50 The guys discuss their past with video games and how much they can affect us on a psychological level.
1:02:10 Nick gives Google Home a try. This is the result.

Music by  Kevin MacLeod.

Episode 8 - NW pinball scene, Bill Gates Secret Santa

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(2:20) Comic book and other nerdy material will sweep the big screens in 2017. It will be a year for film nerds. Nick and Dyer predict two bombs, two hits, and two classics we can expect from Hollywood  

(32:30) Pacific Northwest’s pinball phenomenon, including the rise of pinball gangs.

(56:00) Meet a Redditor who got Bill Gates in a Secret Santa gift exchange. It renewed her faith in the internet.

Episode 7 - A Festivus For the Rest of Us / 2016 moments in nerd

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News including talking monkeys ... sort of. 

(6:50) The Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer has been released.  
(17:10) FEATURE: A hole in the wall in Portland where there is always a Festivus for the rest of us ... also, why Dyer is such a Scrooge and no one likes to celebrate Christmas around him. 
(26:10) Review Rogue One: A Star Wars Story -- with spoilers so skip ahead if so inclined.
(45:40) Awards for 2016's best Achievements in Nerd.

Featuring "Ice King Christmas Ninja Party" by Jonathan Mann.

Episode 6 - Fake Geek Girls

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News on Star Trek Discovery (2:00) followed by some revolutionary tech news (13:50). The surprisingly controversial name change to Seattle’s EMP Museum (19:00). Dyer takes a hard look at the “fake geek girl” 
phenomenon (31:30). ThinkGeek opens their first West Coast store in Seattle (1:00:00). The guys wrap things up with a Nerd Alert that could help with your holiday shopping (1:05:00).

Episode 5 - Pop Culture and Diversity

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It seems that 2016 has been a year of audiences questioning Hollywood's casting choices -- from whitewashing issues to character representation. Are we lacking diversity in our art? This episode of NW Nerd features a story on diversity and inclusion in pop culture. With Seattle-based actress Keiko Green and Portland-based indie comic book artist and writer Taneka Stotts. Also, Nick and Dyer's insights followed by a review of the recently released Doctor Strange (50:30).

Music by antlechrist (soundcloud)

Episode 4 - A Washington Haunting

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Season 1 - Episode 4: Nick and Dyer kick things off with some nerdy news, including: the Nintendo Switch announcement; who should make it into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this year (10:30); and Donald Glover joining Han Solo (21:30).

This week's feature is "A Washington Haunting." Nick and Dyer head out to the paranormal Port Gamble where the whole town is haunted. Yes, some weird stuff happened.  

Finally, they discuss the first four episodes of Westworld (40:20), which has some obsessing over it, and others wondering what the big deal is. 

Music: "Ghost Processional" by Kevin MacLeod. "Ghost" by Big Quiet. 

Episode 3 - A Scorching Lick

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Season 1 - Episode 3: What is behind all that sci-fi, comic and pop art that we see and love? Artist Dave Ryan talks about the most interesting year of his life, and what Boba Fett has to do with it. 

Also, nerdy news, including Wonder Woman being officially queer (1:30), the premiere of HBO’s Westworld (10:30), and a big move in eSports (20:00). Dyer sits down with local artist Dave Ryan of Manticore Stencil Art (24:30). Finally, the guys talk about Luke Cage (40:50).

Episode 2 - Cosplay is not Consent

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Season 1 - Episode 2: Nick and Dyer discuss upcoming TV debuts, and the changes coming to some shows. Dyer expands on his "butt chin" theory of superheroes. Also, the latest invention that Star Trek predicted. 

FEATURE: The cosplay scene and the emergence of anti-harassment policies known as "cosplay not consent." Including interviews with cosplayers Panda Manda Pants and Suzaru. 

Featuring "Cosplay Delight," by the Second Hand Ska Kings.