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Episode 309: The Ultimate Holiday Movie Playlist 2018

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There are many, many holiday-themed movies. But which ones are the best, must-see films? NW NERD is joined by special guests That Guy Named John (About to Review), and Kevin and Emily (Dead Beat Film Society) to develop an ultimate holiday movie playlist for 2018. Can they agree on the best films? What films make the cut, and which ones are voted down?

Episode 10 - Where is Hollywood North? Pig men, tigers, wolves and Trump ...

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1:20 Big announcement!

3:20 The rise of pig men! And what it all means. 

10:10 Why Amazon is sold out of Orwell’s 1984.

18:20 How Full House predicted Donald Trump and explains the American political system.

35:45 FEATURE: The booming film industry in the Pacific Northwest and why Vancouver is called Hollywood North

50:00 Why Seattle has fallen behind other PNW cities when it comes to making movies.

52:00 Dyer reveals why he has an Oscar winner’s toilet paper.

1:00:00 NW NERD cinematic quiz! Which films have a Northwest connection. Play along at home!

1:07:00 Nerd Alert!

Music by  Kevin MacLeod.