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Episode 23 - Searching for the 'real' Springfield


Urban legends linger throughout the Northwest where Simpsons creator Matt Groening grew up and went to college. Were pieces of Oregon included in the iconic show? What is history and what is folklore on this NW NERD feature. 

Also, an interview with actress Michelle Harrison from The Flash. She opens up about her Puyallup roots and reveals what she did to raise money for acting school. 

2:00 -- Space Race: Should pop culture inform what we name spaceships, moon bases? 
8:10 -- Twitter: Is it toxic or helpful? 
19:40 -- The New Mutants
25:45 -- Rick and Morty nugget sauce
31:00 -- Amazon HQ2 with a Dyer Prediction
37:30 -- FEATURE: The Real Springfield
1:00:30 -- INTERVIEW: Actress Michelle Harrison from The Flash

1:06:20 -- Nerd Alert: Geeky events coming up