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Episode 310: Seattle's Comic Book Cop

Feature only: Seattle’s comic book cop

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Comic books have been a part of Officer Kevin Stuckey’s life ever since he was a kid growing up in Detroit and New York. Today, he draws from them to be a hero in his own way in Seattle.

1:20 -- News: Black Panther Golden Globes nomination
14:00 -- News: The new space race
20:45 -- News: Amy Adams out as Lois Lane
25:35 -- News: Dark Luke Skywalker
30:15 -- News: Captain Marvel over-hyped?
38:30 -- Feature: The Comic Book Cop

Episode 309: The Ultimate Holiday Movie Playlist 2018

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There are many, many holiday-themed movies. But which ones are the best, must-see films? NW NERD is joined by special guests That Guy Named John (About to Review), and Kevin and Emily (Dead Beat Film Society) to develop an ultimate holiday movie playlist for 2018. Can they agree on the best films? What films make the cut, and which ones are voted down?

Episode 307: Everett's AFK Tavern triumphs, NASA's Big Week


Everyone told them that a bar for geeks was an idea doomed to fail. But 10 years ago, they opted to ignore naysayers and chart their own course. AFK Tavern is a bar that shouldn’t exist if you ask the average range of investors and realtors. But it continues to thrive in Everett, and for a very good reason.

Also, NASA specialist Steven C. Smith talks about NASA’s Mars plans and more.

In the news, NASA’s InSight has landed on Mars with the help of some PNW rockets, Emerald City Comic Con’s effort to get at scalping money, and the world’s first gene-edited babies (reportedly).

1:20 -- News: Mars InSight landing’s northwest ties
9:10 -- News: ECCC’s ticket app
13:40 -- News: Gene-edited babies
25:35 -- News: Dark Luke Skywalker
33:15 -- Feature: The AFK Tavern
51:20 -- Interview: NASA specialist Steven C. Smith

Episode 305: Stan Lee Special Episode

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A NW NERD special episode in honor of the late Stan Lee, featuring two interviews with the comic book icon.

Special thanks to friends of the podcast Frank Shiers and Heather Bosch, who each interviewed Stan Lee for KIRO Radio in 2010 when he visited Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con. Hear Lee tell a few stories about his most cherished characters, including why the Hulk was green, and which character he wished he could have written for but never did.

Episode 301: Ghost Logs of the Grand Lodge

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NW NERD kicks off its third season with its annual Halloween episode. Take a visit to the Grand Lodge in Forest Grove, Ore. Among the many attractions is the Lavender Lady and others who are permanent “residents” of the hotel.

The front desk keeps a ghost log, recording all the bizarre experiences employees and guests have reported over the years. This episode is a double feature of sorts, telling the story of the Grand Lodge, and also some spirited performance of actual stories from the ghost log.

3:20 -- News: Netflix Marvel cancellations
12:15 -- News: Ancestry DNA services help solve crimes
20:30 -- News: Why Jet Li wasn’t in The Matrix
26:15 -- News: Facebook caused the pivot to video with bad data
36:30 -- Feature: The Ghost Logs of the Grand Lodge

Special Series: The RenCon Community

While most people are aware of Renton City Comic Con for two days in September, it's a year-round commitment for the RenCon community of volunteers and organizers. This group can appear more like a Rotary Club than a comic con with litter patrols, parades, charities, and other civic engagement -- in cosplay of course. Founders and locals discus this nerd fraternity and its goal of becoming the region's “community con.”

Renton Chamber of Commerce

Renton City Comic Con

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Special Series: RenCon, Cosplay Contests, and the NW Cosplay Scene

What does it take to compete in a cosplay contest? What do judges and contestants consider? Expert cosplayers provide some tips and advice on cosplay contests.

Renton City Comic Con, aka RenCon, has focused on the Northwest cosplay scene as one of its main attractions. Founders and cosplayers discuss what is behind this approach and explain why cosplay is important to them.

Featuring: Pixie Bomber Cosplay, BH Cosplay, Loratail Cosplay, and Brian Morris with Zak Labs.


Shell Bell Cosplay  at the NW NERD photo booth, RenCon 2017. (NW NERD Podcast)

Shell Bell Cosplay at the NW NERD photo booth, RenCon 2017. (NW NERD Podcast)

Special series: RenCon has something to prove

The Renton City Comic Con has grown its annual event over the past three years to become a Northwest geek attraction. Organizers have innovated cosplay contests, geek awards, and much more.

Yet, organizers say there is a lack of support among some community leaders. Local politics, funding, and "Footloose" all come into play as RenCon attempts to throw its 2018 comic con. NW NERD dives into what it takes to organize a convention, and RenCon's story.

Renton City Comic Con (RenCon)

Music by Kevin Macleod and Epistrephein.

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Minisode: Versus Comic Con and more


Nick and Dyer check in after Versus Comic Con in Seaside, Oregon.

Also, a special presentation of comic con attendees answering tough questions like "Who is the best Star Trek Captain?" Or "Is Star Wars sci-fi?" What about "the best zombie weapon?"

Minisode: Four Seattle-related features from Season 2



This is a perfect episode to experience NW NERD for the first time, or to experience the Season 2 hits again. Here are four back-to-back features from Season 2 that all have something in common -- they have a connection to Seattle.

From educational video games, to why Seattleites are like that. You know what we mean, they're just so, ya know, cold. Also, the story of a band, The Hoot Hoots, that endeavored to record a Star Wars tribute album before "The Last Jedi" was released. And finally, we return to a Seattle home that a former resident never left. 

Minisode: The Cuts (Season 2)

Not everything makes it into an episode of NW NERD Podcast. Some interviews never emerge as features, or some discussions stray way off topic. But we saved them and present them to you here. These are the cuts from Season 2 of NW NERD.

Dyer's story about waiting for hours in line to see the first "Twilight" movie; a comic and hobby shop owner talks about how Dungeons & Dragons is very different these days; and a scientist discusses everything from the eclipse to ghost towns.

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Episode 44 - What's your guilty pleasure?

NW NERD Guilty Pleasure.png

Andrew and Genevieve from "After These Messages Podcast" join Nick and Dyer to discuss guilty pleasures.

We all have that one TV show, band, book, or other media that we don't admit that we enjoy. Perhaps a quite unique, and odd, hobby (like Dyer has, but doesn't talk about). The group reveals some personal guilty pleasures ... much to their own embarrassment. Starting with one recently-released show that Nick is slightly ashamed he watched. 

Episode 43: Women on Twitch / Wash. State Toy & Geek Fest

Twitch streamers Luna Lyrik and Tha Buttress. (Dyer Oxley, NW NERD Podcast)

Twitch streamers Luna Lyrik and Tha Buttress. (Dyer Oxley, NW NERD Podcast)

Old media. New media. Same old problem. Online streaming service Twitch has updated its community guidelines in response to issues of harassment and hate. Twitch streamers Luna Lyrik, Tha Buttress, and Tygarlily, and radio personality Colleen O'Brien discuss the experience of being women in media. 

Also, Steve James and Justin Hunt explain why their event, the Washington State Toy and Geek Fest, is different than the usual comicon.

Nick and Dyer also discuss the great Northwest cyrptocurrency secret; where Seattle's DOTA 2 tournament is moving to; and Washington's net neutrality law. And a special Superman quiz in honor of Action Comics 1000. 

3:30 -- Seattle loses Dota 2 tournament to Vancouver
6:15 -- Crypto-mining in Washington
11:50 -- Washington passes net neutrality law
15:20 -- News Warp: Luke Cage trailer
16:30 -- News Warp: Avengers: Infinity War
21:15 -- News Warp: Jon Favreau’s Star Wars
23:10 -- News Warp: Fantastic Beasts: The Dumbledore One
24:15 -- News Warp: The real Wakanda
27:45 -- Feature: Twitch
47:20 -- Quiz: Superman

1:01:15 -- Payoff: Star Trek: TNG
1:11:30 -- Interview: Washington State Toy & Geek Fest

Episode 42: Cosplay and dress codes round table

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NW NERD gathers a panel of cosplayers and convention organizers to discuss issues surrounding a recent incident in Pasco, Wash. It evokes conversations about what is appropriate with cosplay. Where is the line between family-friendly, and the provocative costumes we emulate?

Controversy erupted in February at RadCon – a convention in the Tri-Cities – when organizers changed dress codes and cosplay rules. Things got worse when one organizer recommended on Facebook that cosplayers not dress like "prostitutes.” RadCon's Eric Colbert explains what happened behind the scenes, what organizers learned, and clarifies why they were messing with the cosplay rules in the first place.

Jerikandra Cosplay, Babs Cosplay, and Brian Morris (a cosplayer himself) with Renton City Comicon discuss the cosplay scene, and how cosplayers navigate conventions.